Attention golfers with scratched, nicked, or damaged irons that move around in your bag. The Stick Stand is the only free-standing golf iron organizer on the market. It was designed to save space, keep irons organized, and keep your clubs as good as new by preventing wear and tear.

It’s unique design weighing less than a golf club sits quietly in your bag on an adjustable anodized aluminum shaft. Simply adjust the shaft with the clutch lock to lengthen it for your long irons, or shorten it for your wedges. It works for any club in your bag, and for both left and right handed players. The ingenious slot and clip design allows for easy removal and placement of your clubs into the protective polypropylene head with virtually no resistance. Its the perfect golf accessory to not only protect your clubs, but keep them organized as well.

Symplify your game, with the Stick Stand from Symple Golf.

*Note: Not for use in bags with small compartments. Compartment should be at least 6” wide (larger compartment bags).