Support and Warranty Information

The STICK STAND® is guaranteed from defects to INDIVIDUAL golfers for 60 days under normal use. This warranty includes defect of the shaft or head of the accessory, but does not include damage resulting from use of the product for which it is not intended.

The stick stand® Repair and Return Policy:

If your STICK STAND® fails to secure golf irons in a golf bag as intended for reasons stated above within the first 60 days of use we will send you a STICK STAND®  FREE of charge. No refunds will be granted. If you believe your STICK STAND® is defective, please email us at with:

  1. the description and cause of the problem

  2. attach a photo showing the defect

  3. attach shipping order or invoice with your name and address

If approved, we will send you a new product at no charge. No repairs will be made to the originally purchased product. If unable to provide picture of defect, accessory must be returned for review.

Note: This golf accessory is intended for use in bags with larger shaft compartments (5 1/2” or larger). No returns or refunds shall be granted due inability to use the accessory in bags with smaller compartments.